At The Fearless Painter, we put the FUN in FUNdraisers!
NOTE: Pricing is for OFF-SITE FUNdraisers. If looking to host a Paint Night FUNdraiser at The Fearless Painter Community Craft Center, please contact us for a reduced canvas rate!
Unlike any competitor, we offer a truly unique way to host an amazing fundraiser for the charity of your choice by giving you the option of selling tickets FOR WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT!
Here's how it works! Our minimum pricing requirement is shown below. You can choose to sell your tickets PRIVATELY, or The Fearless Painter can assist you in having a PUBLIC ticket link for your events so that your guests can purchase their tickets online.
If selling tickets publicly, The Fearless Painter will actively promote your FUNdraiser on our website and via social media, collect all ticket sales online through our secure payment portal, and will mail a payment check, less painter and processing fees*, to your organization within 7-10 business days after the completion of your event!
If selling tickets privately, all sold tickets seat totals must be provided to The Fearless Painter no less than 72-hours prior to the event to ensure proper materials and staff coverage is provided.
Example #1 (Online Promotion of 11" x 14"): Your charity decides to host a 11" x 14" canvas paint party for 30 guests with a ticket price of $40 per painter. The Fearless Painter publicly sells the tickets for total of $1,200.00, once we subtract our price per painter ($20 * 30 = $600.00) and processing fees (5% * $40 = $2.00 per ticket), your organization would receive a check from The Fearless Painter in the amount of $540.00WOW!!! We do all the work, your organization receives all of the reward!
Example #2 (Self Promotion of 16" x 20"): Your charity decides to host a 16" x 20" canvas paint party for 50 guests with a ticket price of $45 per painter. Your organization sells tickets for the event privately, and sells all 50 tickets for a total of $2,250.00. When The Fearless Painter arrives, your organization would provide payment for the event ($25 * 50 = $1,250.00), and your organization raises $1,000.00WOW!!!
We reserve available days and times with a guaranteed minimum as follows for any IRS registered non-profit organization:
  • 10 Painter Minimum, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
Sessions run approximately 2-3 hours, and costs vary by canvas size:
  • 8 x 10 Canvas - $15/per painter
  • 11 x 14 Canvas - $20/per painter
  • 16 x 20 Canvas - $25/per painter
NOTE – Specialty/unique size canvases are also available – Please speak with a representative from The Fearless Painter for more information.
You can select your FUNdraiser Event painting from our Gallery, or collaborate with The Fearless Painter on a painting specifically for your party!
WHAT WE SUPPLY: The Fearless Painter provides each painter their own canvas, as well as all of the supplies required for painting, including easel, brushes, palette, paints, & apron! We provide all setup of the FUNdraiser Event, as well as clean-up! Our talented artist will guide your guests step-by-step through their own masterpiece creation!
WHAT YOU SUPPLY: Host must supply the venue, as well tables and chairs for the FUNdraiser Event. Venue options are open to (but not limited to) private homes, clubhouses, businesses, event centers, restaurants, conference rooms, etc. with enough room to accommodate guests at the location. Host is encouraged to utilize either a non-carpeted area, or a covered carpet area (carpeted areas must be covered by host; be mindful of the trip factor when covering a carpet). A damage waiver is required.
Host may provide refreshments, including alcoholic beverages if they desire (please check with the venue to confirm if outside refreshments are allowed).
Hosts must also supply easy access for The Fearless Painter to unload/setup/takedown at the Private Event, as well as access to a water supply, instruction area and lighting.
$50 good faith refundable deposit required to reserve date, and can be applied towards FUNdraiser Event cost, or refunded after your event. If seat minimum is not met, seat prices will be taken from deposit. 
*NOTE: The Fearless Painter charges a 5% credit card processing fee for each transaction for public ticket offerings.
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